Generating Alpha with Mobile Device Geolocation Data

In this report, Opimas examines how asset managers are using mobile geolocation data to generate alpha. The report explains the process used to generate and gather the data, as well as the corrections and calibration necessary to make the data useful. The report reviews the offerings of the main mobile geolocation data analytics vendors, and provides two case studies looking at examples of how to use, and not use, mobile data when making revenue predictions.


Mobile Data Vendor Landscape


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Executive Summary




How It Works

  Mobile Device Geolocation 9  
  Geofencing 12  
  Data Quality and Normalisation. 14  
Use Cases   17  
  Amusement Parks 17  
  Retailers 19  
  Hospitality 20  
  Manufacturing & Mining 20  
Mobile Geolocation Analytics Vendors   21  
  Advan Research 25  
  AirSage 27  
  Cuebiq 28  
  Factual 29  
  FourSquare 30  
  Gravy Analytics 30  
  Groundtruth 31  
  Thasos 32  
Case Study: Foursquare and CMG   34  
Case Study: Advan Research and EXR   38  
Looking Forward   41  
  Broader Geographic Coverage 41  
  5G 41  
  Improving Quality and Uptake 42  



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