Benchmarking Communications Surveillance Programs

This report illustrates what a top-notch communications surveillance program entails, displays current rates of adoption of this ideal state, and shares a representative case study. With the scorecard, readers will be able to note strengths and quickly identify areas needing improvement within their own institutions.

As illustrated in the below chart, the buy side underperforms the sell side in the sophistication of its programs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we also find that larger institutions outperform their smaller compatriots. While most institutions across capital markets feel fairly confident they are recording and archiving necessary communications, the remaining components of quality programs receive notably lower scores. Particular areas of vulnerability for financial institutions are analysis of audio communications, surveillance across multiple languages, and an infrastructure that remains troublesomely siloed.

Figure 1: Components of communications surveillance programs and adoption rates

Source: Opimas analysis, interviews with over 200 financial institutions

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